Doris Elias
Makeup Artist, LLC

About the Artist

My love for makeup started in high school theater.  The smell, the texture and of course the transformation.  When I was not at school, some of the best moments I remember with my mother is swooning over the latest makeup catalogues from Avon and our weekend trips to the department store to smell the perfumes and check out the makeup. 

I was brought up to think of makeup as a hobby.  My mother was a Nurse's Aide and she encouraged me to choose something in my other interests, which were science and journalism.  "You will always have makeup, " she once said. Just like mom, I went into a successful health care career. This was followed by marriage and children. Then midlife crisis struck, and  I decided to become a belly dancer!  I fell in love with makeup again and even began practicing on my fellow dancers.  Eventually, I was hired to work as a makeup artist for dancers at a local event as well as become a vendor for an annual event in my state.  

 I attended and completed certification as a Makeup Artist through Vizio Makeup Academy and with the help of good instructors,  mentors and friends this career has led me to work on a plethora of projects from commercials to films. 

Looks like makeup is here to stay!

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